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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center Annual Report, Period Covered, July 1, 2000-February 28, 2002.


Submitted to the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center Advisory Board, March 14, 2002. Copyright 2002, University of Nebraska Public Policy Center.


The mission of the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center (PPC) is to enrich public policy efforts by facilitating, developing, and making objective research available to Nebraskans. PPC faculty and staff undertake the investigation of public policy issues and topics of importance to Nebraskans by coordinating policy research, linking policymakers with experts throughout the University system, raising the visibility of public policy-related research activities, and facilitating access to public policy research and expertise. Ideas are generated by state legislators, elected and appointed officials, University of Nebraska faculty, and other stakeholders. The PPC operates on base funding slightly in excess of $200,000 annually from the five University of Nebraska campuses and Central Administration. University (state) resources are supplemented by funds generated from external grants and contracts (see attached Financial Report). In July 2001, an additional $30,000 was made available by NU Central Administration in order to defray the costs of relocating offcampus, a move necessitated by the PPC’s growth and a lack of the necessary space on UNL’s City Campus. The PPC is a University-wide unit, but it resides institutionally within the UNL Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Ongoing and completed projects are detailed, including

211 information and referral system cost/benefit analysis, carbon sequestration, communities in transition in rural Nebraska, Lincoln/Lancaster Community Services Implementation Project (C-SIP), National Survey of American Families Project, Nebraska Minority and Justice Task Force, Partnering to Reach Integrated Competitive Employment (PRICE) for Nebraskans with Disabilities, policy seminar series, Real Choices for Nebraskans, Special Education Flexible Funding Project, State meat inspection program, Supplying Our Local Institutional Demand (SOLID) Food Project, and budget.

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