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Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery, September 1991- June 1992


All images are copyright by the original artists. Publication copyright 1992 The Regents of the University of Nebraska


As the art musem of the University of Nebraska, the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery staff is committed to making the exceptional permanent collection available to all Nebraskans. The Sheldon Gallery's Statewide Touring Exhibition Program realizes that goal by circulating art of the highest quality to communities throughout the state. Each Statewide exhibition addresses an art historical genre or theme , and together the five exhibitions constitute a mini-art history course and a unique focus on the Sheldon Gallery's renowned collection. As the exhibition series continues , the relationships between diverse artworks are increasingly apparent.

FISH, FOWL AND FAUNA, offers a selection of animal images drawn from the permanent collection that document a variety of stylistic, art historical and technical resolutions to the familiar subjects. Like the previous statewide exhibitions, FISH, FOWL AND FAUNA spans approximately one-hundred fifty years and includes examples of painting, sculpture, and works on paper, made by both academically trained and folk artists. From internationally renowned sculptor Alexander Calder's abstract bronze, Snake on Arch, to the charming iron frog decoy made by an unknown artist, and from John Woodhouse Audubon's 19th century zoological study of the Californian Hare to the expressionist painting, Longhorn #7, by Theodore J. Waddell, a wide variety of artistic responses to the animal kingdom is evident.

While many staff members contribute to the year long preparation of each exhibition, we are especially appreciative of the efforts of the Community Programs Coordinator, Lonnie Pierson Dunbier. Ms. Dunbier has 'luthored the notes which support the photographs herein , and she has trained innumerable volunteer docents to conduct local tours in each hosting community. We also thank Curatorial Assistant, Karen Williams, for her thoughtful design of this brochure.