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Annals of New York Academy of Sciences, 1997


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TNT is a military explosive sometimes found in ground waters at World War I1 vintage munitions production and handling facilities. The potential for off-site migration of TNT groundwater plumes after source remediation is a concern at many of these sites. Processes affecting groundwater transport of TNT include, but are not limited to, convection, hydrodynamic dispersion, biodegradation, abiotic transformations, sorption, and diffusion.' Not all processes affect TNT subsurface transport equally, making it important to identify key processes involved and develop accurate descriptors for these processes. This paper analyzes recent published data from batch and column studies conducted to improve the state of knowledge regarding subsurface transport of TNT and assembles available coefficients for modeling subsurface transport of TNT. A review of the early literature was provided by McGrath Studies conducted since preparation of the McGrath report are the main focus of this paper.