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Published in Hydraulic Engineering: Saving a Threatened Resource—In Search of Solutions: Proceedings of the Hydraulic Engineering sessions at Water Forum ’92. Baltimore, Maryland, August 2–6, 1992. Published by American Society of Civil Engineers.


The Albuquerque Projects Office of the Bureau of Reclamation installed groins on the Middle Rio Grande to provide bank protection at a severe bend located near Santa Clara Indian Pueblo, approximately 75 miles (121 kIn) upstream of Albuquerque, New Mexico. During the first season of operation of the groins, a discharge near the 2 year design flood of 7,600 ft.3 /s (215 m3 /s) was experienced at the site. Many of the groins showed damage following the recession of the runoff, but performed well at the site. Replacement of riprap will be accomplished before the next runoff season.