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U. S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation, June 2010


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The Calamus Reservoir Resource Management Plan (RMP) serves as a guidance document for land and resource management at the Calamus Reservoir and Kent Diversion Dam project areas. Calamus Reservoir and Kent Diversion Dam are components of the features and facilities constructed as part of the North Loup Division. This RMP has been developed cooperatively between the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (Commission). The Commission manages both Calamus Reservoir and Kent Diversion Dam for Reclamation under a long term lease agreement.

The RMP provides information regarding project characteristics, land and water use, cultural resources, endangered species, wildlife and fisheries management, recreation management, agency responsibilities, and reservoir operations. In addition, information detailing the scope and operations of the Calamus Fish Hatchery is provided. Project water use and water management, such as reservoir water level management, are outside the scope of this RMP and are not addressed, Chapter 5, however, contains general information regarding project water operations and uses within the North Loup Division. Maps provided in the RMP delineate the management designations for land areas at Calamus Reservoir and Kent Diversion Dam. The project area lands are managed for recreation, wildlife, or operations purposes. Water surface areas carry a wildlife management designation.

There are no significant construction or development projects proposed for wildlife, recreation, operations, or fish hatchery areas at Calamus Reservoir or Kent Diversion Dam associated with the implementation of the RMP. Based on the amount of land and water surface area, and recreational user carrying capacity of the project area, Reclamation and the Commission consider the Calamus Reservoir and Kent Diversion Dam project areas to be fully developed. Maintaining an uncrowded, quality recreational experience is important to both Reclamation and the Commission. According to a 2007 park user survey conducted at Calamus Reservoir, 84% of visitors rated their satisfaction with the Calamus State Recreation Area as better than average or excellent. Subject to available funding, upgrades and improvements to existing facilities will be implemented through cooperative programs sponsored by Reclamation and/or the Commission.

This RMP has been prepared in compliance with the National Environmental Compliance Act (NEPA). Since this RMP does not identify any construction or development projects to be addressed programmatically under this document, all future development projects implemented at Calamus Reservoir or Kent Diversion Dam will be addressed under NEPA documents and/or National Historic Properties Act documents prepared separately to address those project activities.