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Agricultural Research Magazine 60(1): January 2012; ISSN 0002-161X


Table of Contents

4 Corn Defenses Probed for New Pest-Fighting Clues

7 Comparing Light- Conversion Efficiency of Plants and Manmade Solar Cells

8 Building Baby’s Tiny Bones: Formulas and Mother’s Milk Analyzed in Animal Study

10 Recognizing the Threat of Leptospirosis

12 Using Cactus as a Bioremediation Tool

14 ARS Scientists Rally ’Round the Range

17 There’s a New Biofuel Crop in Town

18 A Search for the Sweet Spot in Sugar Beet Production

20 Nutrient Data in Time for the New Year

22 A Rough, Tough Forage for Rangeland Cattle

23 Locations Featured in This Magazine Issue