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Agricultural Research 61(2) February 2013; ISSN 0002-161X


Table of Contents

4 Robust Results From Long-Term Research on Organic Cover Cropping

6 Rolling Out Cover Crops for Higher Yields and Improved Soil Quality

8 Emerging Enemy of Veggies Unmasked

11 Travel Patterns of Wind-Blown Soil Microbes

12 New Tools for Studying the Root of the Matter

14 Identifying Compounds To Help Control Bed Bugs

16 Studying Manure in Cows, in Feedlots, and in Fields

18 New Club Wheat Holding Its Own Against Fungal Disease

20 Temperament Plays Key Role in Cattle Health

22 State Department’s Gift of Dogwoods to Japan in Honor of 100th Anniversary of Cherry Tree Gift

23 Locations Featured in This Magazine Issue