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Pine Vole Control Studies in Virginia - 1977

Ross E. Byers, Winchester Fruit Research Laboratory, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Winchester, Virginia

Document Type Article

Published in Proceedings of the Second Eastern Pine and Meadow Vole Symposium, Beltsville, Maryland, February 23-24, 1978, Ross E. Byers, editor. Copyright © 1978 Byers.


Hand placed baits of Rozol (Chlorophacinone, CPN), Ramik-Brown (Diphacinone, DPN), and Talon (Brodifacoum, BFC) gave excellent control of pine voles in 1977. Vacor (RH 787) did not give adequate control when a meal preparation was hand placed at 10 lbs/A.

Talon and Rozol broadcast at 25 and 22 lbs/A, respectively, gave 100% and 967. control of pine voles. Five lbs/A of hand placed Talon gave equivalent control. A second broadcast experiment of LM 637, Rozol and Talon at 15 lbs/A each was followed by rain the next day but gave 21%, 66%, and 93% control, respectively.

Ground cover spray of BFC at 5.1 g/ha (or 7.5 g/treated ha) was insufficient for good control and higher rates would be required. A deodorized kerosene formulation of CPN plus a sticker was compared to the Xylene-formulation presently used by the industry for ground cover sprays. Relatively poor control was obtained with both formulations. INTRODUCTION: The performance of new ground sprays and baits for pine vole