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March 1972


In 1966 Tulare County nut growers became keenly aware of an ever increasing problem to their industry--the common crow. Growers requested help in solving this problem. The Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner's Office undertook this program with the assistance of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service and California State Department of Agriculture. Growers in the county estimated losses to be anywhere from 6% to 18% of their nut crops. Monetary losses to almond growers have reached estimates of over $85,000 during one season. Walnut growers have reported observing crows carrying off nuts day after day, amounting to hundreds of pounds during the season. In one instance, a 1.5 acre pistachio nut orchard located near a roost was raided by 40 crows and completely destroyed in 5 days. Flock sizes observed at time of depredation range from 30 to 200 birds. The combined crow population in Tulare County is about 20,000. Almond bearing acreage 963, non-bearing 2,615; walnut bearing acreage 16,064, non-bearing acreage 7,480 pistachio bearing acreage 139, non-bearing acreage 166.