Vertebrate Pest Conference Proceedings collection


Date of this Version

February 1962


It is a pleasure and privilege for me to welcome all of you to this conference. And it is a conference, not a convention. No motions or resolutions will be entertained, as this conference is made up of representatives of many governmental agencies and countries; hence, not a place for resolutions. We are here to get acquainted with each other and to listen to experts from North America and Korea tell us about the best methods of controlling troublesome and pestiferous birds, mammals and snakes, and to discuss related problems concerning diseases and pesticides. Since the program is crowded, each speaker will be asked to present an abbreviated version of his paper, saving the details for the published proceedings. Without doubt, this is the first time a conference of this nature has been held anywhere, and the publication of all the papers under one cover should provide a valuable handbook on methods of controlling most of the nongame vertebrates of North America that at times become a pest to man.