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Allegra Wilkens

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Are there garments hanging in your closet or in the attic that nobody ever wears? Will a few slight changes make them wearable? Is the design so out of date or so much of the fabric worn that the garment should be ripped apart and completely made over? "A penny saved is a penny earned", is an old saying. An attractive garment made at little or no cost will help to adjust your clothing allowance so that you may have money for better quality in some other garments, or money for some other purpose. Remodeling a garment or making a new garment from an old one takes time, patience and skill, but if well done is a source of great satisfaction. To complete this project you will be required to assemble a complete costume with the main garment remade or remodeled.

I. Project Requirements 1. Make a dress, suit or coat from old material. This may be remodeled or completely remade. 2. Make one or more accessories that will add interest to your costume. Accessories may include a. new or a remade blouse, hat, purse, coat, jacket, other garment or accessory. • 3. Make or purchase other accessories that will complete your remade or remodeled costume. II. General Requirements 1. Plan your clothes for a season. 2. Improve your buying practices. Buy a different garment than you bought for either of the other Advanced Units. 3. Keep a record of the money spent for your clothes. 4. Make improvement in good grooming habits. 5. Make improvement in care of clothes habits. 6. Give a demonstration of a good clothing practice. ( 7. Keep a scrap book of (a) sketches and clippings of clothes becoming to your type; (b) color harmonies you can wear; (c) aids to good grooming; (d) food habits for beauty and health; (e) ways of improving posture and (f) notes on personality development. 8. Take part in your club and county dress revue and exhibits.