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Linda Biles

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Welcome to "Clothing Magic!" As a beginning 4-H'er, you are learning many things about the world of clothing and there's a lot yet to learn! "Clothing Magic" will give you an opportunity to know more about a variety of topics. You've had a taste of fibers and fabrics, grooming, and sewing. Now, you can explore these and other topics in more detail. To benefit the most from this project, you should have previously enrolled in Creative Clothing for two or more years. Now, look through the manual to see what experiences lie ahead of you. You'll find a number of activities. Look at them with your leader to decide what you'd like to explore. You'll find activities on: - selecting clothing to enhance your personal appearance - grooming and modeling - fibers and fabrics - laundering your clothes - repairing your clothing - how to be a smart consumer - reading a pattern - sewing Your leader can help you decide which activities to work on this year. Don't try to do everything at once. Save a few learning experiences for another year. There are so many activities, you'll want to enroll in this project for two or three years. So, get ready — there's a lot to learn in "Clothing Magic."

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