4-H Youth Development


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Nebraska Cooperative Extension Service 4-H 173: Leader’s project Guide Teens shopping smart—consumers and clothing purchases; objective—shop with an organized list and avoid impulse buying, know why you’re buying an item and thus make more satisfying decision evaluate one’s wardrobe and determine what items are needed to fit into overall wardrobe that is planned within one’s budget and lifestyle, analyze advertising as an information source, evaluate different sources of sellers of clothing items, analyze and use labels as a sources of information, apply clothing selection criteria in making judgments about clothing and personal appearance, evaluate the workmanship characteristics, quality suited to purpose, care necessary and price of ready to-to-wear garments, recognize proper fit when buying ready-to-wear, recognize the advantages and disadvantages of buying clothing and accessories on sale, comparison shop effectively, ask question of sellers before buying, and taking responsibility as a consumer/citizen.