4-H Youth Development



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4-h 267: Member Manual, The Sitter; Part 1- Year 1- The job, Lesson one-babysitting is, lesson organization, questions, sitters searching survey, responsible job, what a babysitter should know, basic rate schedule, sitting journal, recommendations for sitters, lesson two- pay attention, to the situation, to my job, to the child, what do I do If, lesson three- tips for sitters, making the right decision, toward a sitting philosophy, hints for sitters, sitting safely, dos and dont's, check list. Part 2- year two- the child, children and play, how do children grow, view from a child's world, individual differences, play-play-play, finger plays for children, sitter’s tool kit, how to make a hand puppet, pipe cleaner fingers, playing safely. Meal times and bet times, fixing and feeding, safety suggestions, quick, easy to fix meals and snacks, stories and children, bedtime rules and rituals. Emergencies- an ounce of prevention, safety precautions checklist, coping with emergencies, and a babysitters test.