ADAPT Program -- Accent on Developing Abstract Processes of Thought


Date of this Version

October 1982


You have had a chance to read about the ADAPT program. The presentations in this book are as varied as the styles of the people who participated in the ADAPT project. Amidst all of this variety of information, you may be wondering just what the essential features of the ADAPT program really are. Is it essential to have six different disciplines in the program? Does it make any difference which six disciplines you choose? Do evaluating psychologists play a key role in such a project? There are, I believe, two necessary conditions for starting an ADAPT-type program: a first-rate, tenured core of faculty and a common basis in a scheme for understanding student development. Are these conditions also sufficient to assure the long life of pioneer ADAPT-type programs in the frontiers of higher education? If information about ADAPT-type programs is widely shared, then in a few years perhaps an answer can be given to this question.