ADAPT Program -- Accent on Developing Abstract Processes of Thought



Date of this Version

March 2004


Published in SPECTRUM 23 (Fall 2004).


Christopher J. Moore (M.S. 1992) presented a workshop on “College Teaching and the Development of Reasoning” to more than 30 faculty at the Universidad de Tarapacá in Arica, Chile during 14–15 November 2002. Moore’s invitation stemmed from the interest of the faculty at the University of Tarapacá to initiate a multidisciplinary program for college students patterned after the successful ADAPT (Accent for Developing Advanced Processes of Thought) program developed and taught at the University of Nebraska under the leadership of Professor Robert Fuller from 1975–1997. Moore worked with Fuller in the ADAPT program and also helped develop materials for undergraduate hands-on multimedia physics laboratories.