Lesson Plans from the ADAPT Program


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A) 1st Expt. Distance
1) Plot corrected counts/minute vs corrected distance.
2) Find the mathematical relationship from the graph.
3) Does doubling the distance cut the count rate in half? Check this mathematically.
4) Give a physical explanation of your results.
B) 2nd Expt. Shielding
1) Comment on the absorption of the various objects used in part A. Include count rates.
2) Plot corrected counts/minute vs shielding thickness for paper, aluminum, and lead. Make 1 graph with 3 plots.
3) Find mathematical relationships for each plot and label it clearly.
4) Which material shields the best? Why do you think it is so?
5) Which radiation is most penetrating? Why do you think it is so?
C) 3rd Expt. Lifetimes
1) Determine the radioactive half-life for the data sets given. See half-life data page.