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Exploration Activity
An ADAPT student used a mechanical device to lift some heavy load. She recorded the following results:
Effort She Exerted Load She Lifted
10 lb. 410 lb.
22 lb. 520 lb.
33 lb. 620 lb.
45 lb. 730 lb.
60 lb. 860 lb.
77 lb. 1000 lb.
97 lb. 1200 lb.

1) Describe a method by which the student could determine the GENERAL relationship between the load she lifted and the effort she exerted. Is there more than one way that she could do it?
2) Decide on a method for your group. Use it to determine the general relationship between load and effort.
3) Use your results to predict the load she could lift if she exerted an effort of 50 lb. What about 115 lb?