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October 2007


Workshop on College Teaching and the Development of Reasoning--Module 1 materials


At the beginning of his novel The Hamlet, William Falconer mentions a legend of a treasure buried on an old plantation. Readers expect, naturally, that before the novel ends there will be a search for the treasure, and and Faulkner does not disappoint them.

Four major characters are soon introduced: Will, who is chief landowner thereabouts; Jody, Will's son and heir-apparent; Flem, a shrewd fellow working for Will; and Ratliff, an itinerant sewing machine salesman.

Faulkner had to decide who among these four characters would be "in on" the hunt for the buried treasure. Someday you may read the novel and find out what his decision was. For the present though speculation will have to do. See if you can list all of the options that Faulkner has as possible choices among these four to be "in on" the hunt. You may wish to use the letters W, J, F and R to save space.