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The Shazada's visit to Great Britain

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Translation of the Kalid-i-Afghani, the text book for the Pakkhto examination, with notes, historical, geographical, grammatical, and explanatory by Trevor Chichele Plowden. Pt.I. Prose: 1. The garj-i-Pakkhto or treasury of Pakkhto/ [Maulavi Ahmad]--2. Tarikh-i-Mahmud-i-Ghaznavi, or the history of Mahmud the Ghazvide--3. Tarikh-i-Murass a, or the Be-jewelled Chronicle--Pt. II. Poetry: 4. The Ballad of Prince Bahram and the Fair Gul-andama--5. Collection of Odes selected from the Diwan of Mulla Abd-ur-Rahman--6. Collection of Odes selected from the Diwan of Khush-hal Khan, Khatak--7. The Chaman-i-Be Nazir, or the Unrivalled Parterre.