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Op-Ed from ENSC 230. Energy and the Environment: Economics and Policy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Department of Agricultural Economics, Fall 2022.


Copyright 2022 Victor Moreno Lozano


European countries have agreed to start filling up their natural gas gap, with the new natural gas pipeline from Africa. Nigeria and Morocco agreed to develop this pipeline in 2016, but after the beginning of the Ukraine-Russia war, things have speeded up.

After the economical punishments Europe imposed on Russia, Russia decided to increase the price of the natural gas exported to Europe and decrease the amount of gas. Most European countries have a big dependency on Russia's natural gas, countries like Germany import 50% of their natural gas from Russia.

Since winter is coming up, European countries are dealing with having to go back and use carbon as an energy source or look for ways to import natural gas from different countries. And this project seems like the best option for this situation.