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1) Introduction: a) Climate Change b) Soil Sequestration and the Carbon Cycle c) Increasing Soil Carbon Sequestration with Economics d) Guiding Research Questions e) Goals of this Report

2) What are agricultural carbon offset payment programs?

3) Are agricultural carbon markets effective?: a) Voluntary vs Regulatory b) Regional vs Global c) Effectiveness of Agricultural Carbon Markets

4) Other Methods of Reducing Emissions: a) Carbon Tax b) Cap and Trade c) Summary

5) History of Programs That Provide Carbon Offset Payments to Farmers: a) The Chicago Climate Exchange b) The Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism c) The European Union’s Emissions Trading System d) Summary

6) Status of Current Programs and Proposals for Carbon Offset Payments to Farmers: a) Nori b) Indigo Ag c) Truterra

7) Challenges Facing Modern Markets: a) Supply and Demand b) Verification c) Data Utilization d) Longevity of Offsets

8) Review of Literature Describing and Evaluating Voluntary Agricultural Carbon Markets: a) Popular Literature i) Common Themes ii) Topic Portrayal b) Scientific Literature i) Answered Questions ii) Gaps in the Literature c) Conclusion

9) References