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EC 872 (revised October 2023)

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The 2024 Nebraska Crop budget projections were created using cropping practice norms for many producers in Nebraska. However, each individual farming operation is unique, and these budgets should be used only as a guide. The budgets for 2024 are available in the Agricultural Budget Calculator program at: To modify these budgets, you can download UNL budgets into your ABC program account or create your own. In addition, the reports for each of the 2024 crop budgets are saved as printable (PDF) files. See also the new budget calculator at

The following individuals contributed to these budgets in their specialty area:

Cody Creech, Extension Dryland Cropping Systems

Robert Harveson, Extension Plant Pathologist – Specialty Crops

Tamara Jackson-Ziems, Extension Plant Pathologist – Corn and Sorghum

Paul Jasa, Extension Biological Systems Engineer

Nevin Lawrence, Extension Weed Management

Dylan Mangel, Extension Plant Pathologist - Soybeans

Jay Parsons, Extension Biosystems Economist

Chris Proctor, Extension Educator – Weed Management

Stephen Wegulo, Extension Plant Pathologist – Wheat and Ornamental

Robert Wright, Extension Entomologist