Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication Department



Date of this Version

September 1996


Produced by the Department of Agricultural, Leadership Education, and Communication, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska – Lincoln.



1)Provide high-quality programs that prepare students for expanded employment opportunities, both traditional and non-traditional, in agricultural production, business, industry, education, and media.

2)Develop new program (major and/or minor) in the study of leadership and communication intended for students interested in careers in leadership and human resource development.

3) Promote and market the department’s courses in technical communication and leadership development across CASNR and in other colleges. Where feasible, make courses more available by offering alternative course meeting times.

4)Foster links with other CASNR departments by developing cooperative or interdisciplinary courses that incorporate instruction in communication, leadership and human resource development (e.g., the Ethics in Agriculture and Natural Resources course).

5) Examine the potential for satellite delivery of AgLEC courses and/or opportunities for training teachers and extension educators in uses and application for distance learning.

6) Conduct department-based secondary school recruiting programs in conjunction with the College’s Recruitment and Placement Office; increase scholarship and internship offerings for all majors.

7) Examine the feasibility of: a) seeking multiple teaching endorsements in applied science and agriculture; b)coordinating teacher education courses with the College of Human Resources and Family Sciences and Trade and Industrial Education; c) offering teacher education through a regional consortium with UNL as the center.

8) Evaluate, in conjunction with the deans of CASNR and the College of Journalism, the future of the Agricultural Journalism major.