Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication Department



Date of this Version

April 1990


Produced by the Department of Agricultural, Leadership Education, and Communication, Institute of Agriculture and Natrual Resources, University of Nebraska – Lincoln.


The five year Comprehensive Department Review provides the Department with a special opportunity to do two things -- to look back on accomplishments of the past five years since our last review, and to look ahead toward the goals, the challenges and the opportunities in the years ahead.

The Department of Agricultural Education took bold steps at a staff retreat in Aurora, Nebraska in the summer of 1987, to establish departmental priorities or program "thrusts." Little did we realize at the time that we were taking steps that would soon be followed by all units within the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR), which would be known as "strategic planning." Fortunately for the Department, goals established at that early retreat would well serve in meeting the goals of the strategic planning process. Departmentally, four areas were identified as "thrust areas" and included: (1) additional emphasis on the area of recruitment and retention, (2) modification of our undergraduate program to provide for both a teaching and nonteaching option to better meet the needs of our clientele, (3) a more focused effort in the area of research and development, and (4) the development of a Center for Leadership Development.

As our interests have become more focused, our faculty and staff have risen to the occasion, developing new skills and solutions and mustering new energies for implementation. By blending client-oriented classes and programs with demanding departmental "thrusts," we have been able to carefully address each of the four areas listed above. Although at various stages of implementation, significant progress has been made in each of these areas as they remain our clearly focused "thrusts" yet today.

The present five year comprehensive departmental review provides us with the opportunity not only to meet the requirements of the University with respect to program review, but also to take yet another look at ourselves since the last official program review of 1984. The schedule of activities for the review is provided within this document.

The review team for the 1990 review was selected by the Vice Chancellor and Associate Vice Chancellor of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in consultation with the faculty within the Department of Agricultural Education and the Center for Leadership Development. Team members for the current review include:

Dr. David Williams, Chair of the team, Professor and Head, Department of Agricultural Education, Iowa State University;
Dr. Daryl Heasley, Rural Leadership, Inc., Pennsylvania State University;
Dr. Larry Miller, Professor, Department of Agricultural Education, The Ohio State University;
Dean Glen Vollmar, Division of International Programs, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln;
Dr. Desmond Wheeler, Department of Chemistry and Representative of The Academic Planning Committee, University of Nebraska-Lincoln;
Mr. Duane Hoesing, Instructor, Agricultural Education, Hartington High School, Hartington, Nebraska; and
Mr. Dann Husmann, Graduate Student, Department of Agricultural Education, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Many hours of dedicated preparation have gone into this self study report by faculty and staff of the Department of Agricultural Education and the center for Leadership Development. The report provides not only background data regarding Nebraska agriculture, but also historical information related to the background of the University of Nebraska, the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the Department of Agricultural Education, and the Center for Leadership Development. Every attempt has been made to accurately reflect the current status of the Department and the Center throughout the document.
As previously mentioned, the Center and the Department have both undergone extensive review and planning as a result of the strategic planning process. Additionally, however, the Department and the Center have sought and utilized counsel from both an advisory council and steering committee, respectively, throughout the planning process. While there is a relationship between the Department and the Center, each is technically operated independently of one another.

This self-study report should provide the review team and the administration with the information needed to assist the Department and the Center in formulating specific recommendations and direction for the future. All staff have expressed a strong desire to provide assistance as requested, to answer questions of the review team members, and look forward to the Comprehensive Departmental Review and the helpful suggestions of the team.
It may be important for all us to remember that "The motivation that all of us are capable of generating will not only sustain us in today's activities, but will challenge us to surpass tomorrow's expectations."