Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication Department



Date of this Version

April 1990


Produced by the Department of Agricultural, Leadership Education, and Communication, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska – Lincoln.


Much time and effort have gone into the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR) and the Department of Agricultural Education's strategic planning effort. Coincidentally, the Department had started its own process of strategic planning in the summer of 1987 where it identified the four departmental "thrust" areas.

The IANR process was started in the fall of 1987 by the Vice Chancellor Omtvedt of the Institute and was to be followed by a series of meetings, not only within the Institute, but with town hall meetings around Nebraska, to ensure a broad representation of input regarding future directions of IANR. Ultimately, this step led to the development of the December 1988 document contained herein and labeled Appendix I.

The next step was for each unit, within the Institute, to develop its own unit action plan. This step involved much discussion and planning within and between units as well as a series of general meetings for faculty, staff and others. Each unit submitted an action plan which was included in the October 1989 document labeled Appendix II.

The departmental strategic plans submitted, following the summer 1987 established priorities, are contained herein and labeled Appendix 111. Careful attention continues in the monitoring of these documents to insure that they are in fact current and representative of future needs and directions. While the documents serve as a road map, they must remain flexible enough to coincide with the ongoing review and scrutiny of staff, administration and clientele. Modification will continue to keep the department and the Institute on the cutting edge of the state, national and international scene.