Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication Department



Date of this Version

April 1990


Produced by the Department of Agricultural, Leadership Education, and Communication, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska – Lincoln.


Table of Contents:

Departmental Strategic Plan for the Undergraduate Curriculum

Departmental Strategic Plan for Recruitment, Retention, and Placement

Summary of Accomplishments 1984-1989

Undergraduate Program Goals and Objectives

Table 4.1 Teaching Faculty and Appointments

1989 Teaching Assignments

Undergraduate Curriculum and Options

List of Courses of Instruction

Figure 4.1 Agricultural Training and Developmental Options

Student Advising

Recruitment, Retention, and Placement

Figure 4.2 Current Undergraduate Promotional Brochure

Employment Trends

Table 4.2 Departmental Majors, 1985-1986 to 1989-1990

Table 4.3 Number of Degrees Awarded by Level

Table 4.4 Student Registrations in the Department by College

Table 4.5 Average Class Size, and Student Credit Hours

Table 4.6 Number of Class Registrations, Student Credit Hours, and Student Contact Hours by Level