Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication Department


Exploring the Mentoring Experience of High Power Distance Individuals in High and Low Power Distance Cultures

Jennifer Okoliko, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Document Type Article

A Master’s Thesis Submitted to the Department of Agriculture Leadership, Education and Communication, University of Nebraska-Lincoln In fulfilment of the Requirements For a Master’s degree, June 2023

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Understanding how to effectively navigate mentoring relationships across different cultures is critical for personal and professional development in an increasingly globalized world. With the growth in migration across the world, leaders are tasked with the responsibility of understanding how to connect, communicate, and create effective teams across cultures for personal and organizational success. Exploring the mentoring experiences of individuals in high and low Power Distance cultures provides a broader understanding on how the phenomena is practiced in different cultural context and highlight important lessons for leaders.

The aim of this phenomenological study was to enhance our understanding of the lived experience of individuals from high Power Distance cultures who engage in mentoring relationships in both high and low Power Distance cultures. Through this study we seek to contribute to the existing body of knowledge of mentoring by illuminating the unique challenges and opportunities associated with mentoring in high and low Power Distance contexts and provide best practices to facilitate effective mentoring relationships in diverse settings. The insights gained from this study enhance our understanding of the complexities within mentoring relationships, particularly within the framework of cultural diversity and can assist leaders as well as mentors and mentees in cultivating culturally sensitive mentoring programs resulting in the empowerment of individuals in diverse cultural settings.

Advisor: Lindsay Hastings