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Carlos Urrea

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James Schnable

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Spring 4-18-2020

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Barrera S, Tamang P, Urrea C, Pastor-Corrales M (2020) Reaction of Tepary Beans to Eight Virulent Races of the Rust Pathogen that Overcomes All Known Common Bean Rust Resistance Genes, Poster Presentation, UNL Spring Research Fair, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


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Bean rust, caused by Uromyces appendiculatus, is a major disease of common and snap bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) worldwide (Stavely, 1984). Although host resistance is an important component of rust management (Mmbaga et al., 1996), populations of the rust pathogen comprise an extensive and shifting virulence diversity that could render susceptible all known rust resistance genes in common bean. Conversely, it has been suggested that certain tepary bean (Phaseolus acutifolius) accessions are broadly resistant to bean rust (Miklas & Stavely, 1998). The objectives of this study were to verify if tepary beans are resistant to eight races of the bean rust pathogen, which overcome all known rust resistance genes in common bean. Then, to select the resistant genotypes to cross with common beans without embryo rescue.