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Fall 9-16-2013


Nosal, S. J. 1994. A STUDY OF THE HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT AND HORTICULTURAL PRACTICES OF A PUBLIC GARDEN. Master's Thesis. Department of Horticulture, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


This project was submitted to the Faculty of the University of Nebraska in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Horticulture. Fall of 1994

Copyright (c) 1994 Steven J. Nosal


This project examined the historical development and the horticultural practices in the public gardens of the Parks Department in Lincoln, Neb. It concentrates on one particular place to illustrate development and practice issues: the Sunken Gardens. This garden was built during the Depression in the 1930s as a place of beauty for all of the citizens of Lincoln. Although the Sunken Garden covers only 1.5 acres, it has remained a very important part of Nebraska's capital city for more than 64 years.