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Adams, S. A. (2021). Cultivating Hops for Cone Production in Nebraska. Nebraska Extension. EC3050.


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The hop cone is the primary product of agronomic value when growing Humulus lupulus L. (common hop). Cones are modified stem and leaf structures that protect the female flower cluster that forms chemical compounds important for flavoring beer and other uses. The majority of hops in the United States (~96%) is grown in the states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Hops can be grown in very diverse climates, but it is the climatic consistency of the Pacific NW that provides product consistency and reasoning commercial hops production is prevalent in the region. Hops is a niche crop outside of the Pacific NW, however, it is an opportunity for specialty crop growers to supply hops of unique character to local craft brewers. This publication provides a general understanding of hop growth and Nebraska specific cultivation practices used to maximize cone development and associated characteristic qualities.