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Garst, N., Belamkar, V., Easterly, A., Guttieri, M. J., Stoll, H., Ibrahim, A. M. H., & Baenziger, P. S. (2023). Evaluation of pollination traits important for hybrid wheat development in Great Plains germplasm. Crop Science, 1–14.


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Hybrid wheat (Triticum aestivumL.) offers potential yield advantages over conventional inbred cultivars. For hybrid wheat to be a commercial success, the cost to produce the hybrid seed needs to be minimized. Although wheat is naturally selfpollinated, hybrid wheat seed production can be improved by increasing the amount and availability of pollen for cross-pollination. This research examined 19 pollination traits using the Hard Winter Wheat Association Mapping Panel for 3 years. Anther extrusion, pollen 50 date (date at which a genotype has 50% of spikes pollinating), plant height, and pollination duration (last spike pollen 50 date minus first spike pollen 50 date)were identified as the most important traits for hybrid seed production. Anther extrusion, plant height, and pollen 50 date varied widely among genotypes, while pollination duration had significant genotypic differences in one year of testing. These traits also had significant genotype × year interactions, but better and poorer performers were consistent among years. Anther extrusion was weakly, negatively correlated with plant height, and high anther extrusion semi-dwarf genotypes were identified. Pollination duration was reduced in a high temperature (>30°C) environment, and genotypic differences in pollination duration were identified only in a milder temperature (24°C) environment. Hierarchical clustering suggested that excellent pollinator genotypes with high anther extrusion and longer pollination duration tended to pollinate early and were of short to moderate stature. Pollination traits were higher when temperatures were mild, which benefited early genotypes because they pollinated before higher temperatures limited their pollination duration.