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Scientifc Reports | (2023) 13:16638 |


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In sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] the Maturity (Ma1, Ma2, Ma3, Ma4, Ma5, Ma6) and Dwarf (Dw1, Dw2, Dw3, Dw4) loci, encode genes controlling flowering time and plant height, respectively, which are critical for designing sorghum ideotypes for a maturity timeframe and a harvest method. Publicly available whole-genome resequencing data from 860 sorghum accessions was analyzed in silico to identify genomic variants at 8 of these loci (Ma1, Ma2, Ma3, Ma5, Ma6, Dw1, Dw2, Dw3) to identify novel loss of function alleles and previously characterized ones in sorghum germplasm. From~ 33 million SNPs and~ 4.4 million InDels, 1445 gene variants were identified within these 8 genes then evaluated for predicted effect on the corresponding encoded proteins, which included newly identified mutations (4 nonsense, 15 frameshift, 28 missense). Likewise, most accessions analyzed contained predicted loss of function alleles (425 ma1, 22 ma2, 40 ma3, 74 ma5, 414 ma6, 289 dw1, 268 dw2 and 45 dw3) at multiple loci, but 146 and 463 accessions had no predicted ma or dw mutant alleles, respectively. The ma and dw alleles within these sorghum accessions represent a valuable source for manipulating flowering time and plant height to develop the full range of sorghum types: grain, sweet and forage/biomass.