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Published in J. Chromatog, 22 (1966) 184-186.


Coumarinic acid glucoside (β-D-glucosyl cis-o-hydroxycinnamic acid) and o-coumaric acid glucoside (β-D-glucosyl &am-o-hydroxycinnamic acid) are readily detected as absorbing areas on filter paper chromatograms exposed to ultraviolet light at wavelengths near 260 mp. Long wavelength ultraviolet radiation is frequently used to detect fluorescent compounds closely related to these two glucosides. The foregoing facts prompted this investigation concerning the influence of both long and short wavelength ultraviolet light on small amounts of coumarinic acid glucoside and o-coumaric acid glucoside, air-dried on filter paper strips. Ultraviolet-induced interconversion of these two isomers in aqueous solutions is well known.