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Published in Crop Science (March-April 1964) v. 4, no. 2: 193-196.


Leaf samples from available species of Melitotus and the closely related genus, Trigonella, were assayed for free as well as glucosidically bound cis- and trans-o-hydroxycinnamic acids. A qualitative evaluation of β-glucosidase activity also was made. In none of the species were appreciable quantities of the free acids detected. Of the 19 species of Melilotus sampled, 14 contained high levels of the o-hydroxycinnamic acid glucosides, one (M. infesta) was intermediate, and four were essentially free of these glucosides. The intermediate level in M. infesta is unlike that in any other species of Melilotus, but is similar to the contents observed in four species of Trigonella. Essentially no o-hydroxycinnamic acid was found in 13 species of Trigonella, but contents in three species were comparable with the high levels found in Melilotus. β-Glucosidase activity was observed in only those species of Melilotus and Trigonella that contained appreciable quantities of glucosidically bound o-hydroxycinnamic acid.