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September 2001


Published in CROP SCIENCE, VOL. 41, SEPTEMBER–OCTOBER 2001. Copyright 2001. Used by permission.


Grazing management is critical in obtaining optimum production from grasslands and maintaining the grazing resource. Grazing management involves a complex relationship among the herbivores, vegetation, and other biotic and abiotic factors. Proper grazing management of grazing lands has a tremendous importance in agriculture and natural resource conservation because much of the earth’s surface is covered with grazable vegetation. This book is an updated second edition of Grazing Management, which was first published in 1990. This edition is increased in size and coverage compared with the first edition.. A lot of progress in grazing management has been made in the 11 years since the first edition was published, so this new edition is necessary to communicate the new information, concepts, and application. This edition has 16 chapters, an appendix consisting of a table of weights and measures, and a glossary of terms related to the study of grazing management.