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Published in Ecology, Vol. 5, No. 2 (Apr., 1924), pp. 199-202. Copyright 1924 Ecological Society of America. Used by permission.


Sampson's range and pasture management is an excellent example of the application of the principles of ecology to the solution of economic problems. In grazing experiments it is of equal importance to know what is happening to the stock and to the vegetation. This emphasizes the fact, which ecologists are coming more and more to recognize, that animals, both wild and domesticated, have a proper place in the environment and that they play an important role in modifying the vegetational development. This volume consists largely of first-hand information obtained by the author during fifteen years of intensive pasture investigations for the United States Forest Service, much of which has heretofore been published and is more or less familiar to most ecologists. In addition, all information dealing with the range and pasture problem, particularly the excellent work done in the arid southwest, has been brought together and the whole arranged and coordinated in a most pleasing manner.