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Published in Ecological Monographs, Vol. 20, No. 3 (Jul., 1950), pp. 251-270. Copyright 1950 Ecological Society of America. Used by permission.


Table of Contents:
Upland Communities Preceding And Following The Drought
Persistence And Effect Of Western Wheat Grass
Development Of Understory
Chief Invaders
Competition In Drought
Relative Penetration Of Water
Rate Of Infiltration
Relative Amounts Of Soil Moisture
7 Effects On Vegetation
Severity Of Competition In Drought
Persistence Of Effects After Drought
Effects On Forbs And Seedlings
Competition With Big Bluestem
Needle Grass Consociation
Prairie Dropseed Consociation
Indicators Of Delay In Recovery
Role Of Big Bluestem
Little Bluestem And The Return Of Its Type
Spreading Of Kentucky Bluegrass
Establishment Of Seedlings
New Soil Mulch And Return Of Understory
Return Of Forbs And Re-Establishment Of Societies
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