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Published in Ecological Monographs, Vol. 19, No. 4 (Oct., 1949), pp. 303-338. Copyright 1949 Ecological Society of America. Used by permission.


Table of Contents:
Selecting The Site
Preparing The Trench
Marking Out The Monolith
Examination Of Soil
Preparing And Washing Away Of The Soil
Preparing The Roots For Photographing And Quantitative Study
Photographing And Sectioning The Root System
Examples Of Root Distribution In Different Types Op Sol
Kentucky Bluegrass
Blue Grama
Big Bluestem
Root Distribution In Soils With Claypans
Western Wheat Grass In Crete Silty Clay Loam
Western Wheat Grass In Butler Silt Loam
Root Development In Adjacent Soil
Western Wheat Grass In Scott Silty Clay Loam
Western Wheat Grass In Rendzina Soil
Root Distribution In Mellow Loess Soils
Blue Grama In Hastings Silt Loam
Blue Grama In Colby Silt Loam
Buffalo Grass In Holdrege Silt Loam
Buffalo Grass In Wabash Silt Loam
Buffalo Grass In Sherman Silt Loam
Various Species In Azonal Soil Of The Loess
Blue Grama
Buffalo Grass
Sand Dropseed
Western Wheat Grass
Purple Three-Awn
Amount Of Roots In Each Foot Of Soil
Big Bluestem
Little Bluestem
Side-Oats Grama
Kentucky Bluegrass
Western Wheat Grass
Blue Grama
Buffalo Grass
Percentage Of Roots In Each Major Soil Horizon
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