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Noble Foundation Ag News & Views. 25:12 (December 2007) (etc.)


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Recently, our agricultural research team has been asked to provide talks during tours of our Oswalt Road Ranch. The Oswalt Road Ranch is a 4,992-acre property in Love County, Okla., willed to us by D. Joyce Coffey. The Noble Foundation took full control of the property in 2000. The ranch is a valuable piece of property because of its unique natural beauty and potential to support livestock production and wildlife habitat. On the tours, we have been showing off our new state-of-the art livestock handling facilities and providing information about results from recent research on by-product feeds, the Noble Foundation stocker cattle receiving program, white-tailed deer movements and management of rangelands.

As a forage agronomist, I am involved in our current and future plans for the management of the range and forestland covering this property. Today, I'm going to tell you more about this property, explain why it has unique value as a native ecosystem, illustrate how it fits as a component of the natural heritage of Oklahoma, and discuss our plans for managing this property to enhance its value for wildlife and cattle, while hopefully providing some insight on how you might manage similar properties.