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HORTSCIENCE 30(3):577–578. 1995.


Copyright 1995 American Society for Horticultural Science. Used by Permission.


The leaf reaction of the Phaseolus vulgaris L. germplasm—UNECA (M6 mutant derived from the cultivar Chimbolito, Costa Rica), ‘Chimbolito’, BAC-6 (Brazil), XAN- 159 (Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical, Cali, Colombia), and ‘PC-50’ (Domican Republic)—to Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli strain V4S1 (Dominican Republic) were determined in two replicated trials conducted in a greenhouse in Lincoln, Neb. (Feb.– Mar. and July–Aug. 1993). ‘PC-50’ and ‘Chimbolito’ were susceptible to Xcp strain V4S1 in both tests. UNECA, BAC-6, and XAN-159 had similar levels of resistance to Xcp in the July to August trial. However, in the February to March trial, the resistance of UNECA was greater than that of BAC-6 but less than that of XAN-159.