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HORTSCIENCE 25(6):664-665. 1990


Copyright 1990 American Society for Horticultural Science. Used by permission.


Sixteen Alubia lines (15 with long, straight hairs and one with short, hooked hairs on trifoliolate leaves) derived from single-plant selections made in an Alubia landrace (Argentine) were used to evaluate the relation of abaxial leaf pubescence to reaction to rust in a greenhouse experiment. The pinto cultivar UI-114 (short, hooked hairs) was used as a susceptible check. One plant per pot, replicated six times, in a randomized complete-block design was used. The primary leaves and the sixth trifoliolates of all plants from 12- and 50-day-old plants, respectively, were inoculated with a water suspension of urediniospores (105 cells/ml) of rust isolate US-NP85-10-1. Pustule size and rust intensity were assessed 14 days later. No rust pustules were observed on the sixth trifoliolate leaves of the pubescent (long, straight hairs) Alubia lines, but large pustules were observed on the primary leaves (short, hooked hairs) of all Alubia lines and pinto ‘UI-114’. as well as on the sixth trifoliolate leaf of A-07-2 and pinto ‘UI-144’ (the latter two with short, hooked hairs).