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Bioenerg. Res. (2013) 6:402–403; DOI 10.1007/s12155-012-9239-6


The original version of this article unfortunately contained some mistakes. The name of the enzyme “Caffeic O-methyltransferase” should be read as “Caffeic acid O-Methyltranferase” throughout the paper, including the title.

On Table 2, the fifth column should have been captured as part of the sub-heading “Unpretreated”. The corrected version is shown on the next page.

Table 2 Variation in Klason lignin content and glucose yields obtained after enzymatic saccharification at 50 °C at 60 FPU/ g cellulase of native (unpretreated) stover after 4, 20, and 96 h, and of pretreated stover after 24 h