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Double polyethylene Quonset-style greenhouses offergrowers and farmers a more cost-effective structure than glass- or acrylic-covered structures for growing plants off-season. These greenhouses are especially applicablefor producing off-season high value crops such as fruits and vegetables for local markets. To support this production alternative, this publication contains a list of greenhouse components, the start-up costs associated with these items and an estimate of the number of person hours required to assemble and outfit a 24-foot-by-72-foot double polyethylene, air-inflated greenhouse structure. As there are many options available for building double polyethylene greenhouses, the main purpose of this publication is to identify the initial capital it would take for a low-cost start-up greenhouse. Depending upon the variables associated with each constructed greenhouse (grower skill level, access to utilities, etc.), costs may vary significantly between projects, so a range of costs has been identified.