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David L. Hyten

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Chapter 3 in: R.F. Wilson (Ed.) Designing Soybeans for 21st Century Markets (Urbana, IL.: AOCS Press, 2012), pp. 45-52.


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The completion of a soybean draft whole genome sequence along with advances in sequencing and genotyping technologies are creating a revolution in soybean genomics. The draft whole genome sequence of soybean is allowing researchers to fully take advantage of this new technology and is rapidly changing how soybean germ plasm is mined. Genetic markers such as SNPs can be quickly identified by using next generation sequencing and assayed on a large number of materials using advanced technologies that can genotype tens of thousands of markers on thousands of individuals very rapidly. This ability to qUickly identify and genotype genetic diversity is allOWing researchers to identify beneficial genetic diverSity and rapidly transfer it into elite cultivars for increased soybean production, biotic and abiotic protection, and improved seed quality.