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Annual Meeting of The Nebraska Academy of Sciences, 1969.


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The vigorous and highly productive life of Professor R. A. Emerson spanned 74 years and 7 months. His birth and death took place In New York State, but Nebraska nurtured his early development and schooling. He spent 15 years of his professional career at the University of Nebraska, followed by 33 years at Cornell University.

Rollins Adams Emerson, son of Charles David and Mary C. Adams Emerson (a direct descendant of Henry Adams), was born May 5, 1873 at Pillar Point, New York State on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario. In 1880 his family moved to Nebraska and settled on a farm in Kearney County. Here he grew to manhood, attending the grade and high schools in the district. His parents, who both had unusual ability and character, provided a sound home with emphasis on high moral standards, civic responsibility, and education. A local physician, who was also a naturalist, encouraged Roll Ins to collect and identify the local flora, and guided his mind toward scientific endeavors.