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Journal of Heredity 11 (1920), pp 65-76.


Copyright 1920 R. A. Emerson


In the "freak"

class at the Annual

Corn Show held at Lincoln, Nebraska,

in the winter of 1913-14,

there was exhibited a corn tassel

with a heavy setting of seeds. A few

seeds are not infrequently found in the

staminate inflorescence of maize, particularly

in pod com, and tillers of various

corn varieties often end in ears instead

of in tassels or have tassels, the central

spikes of which are ear like. The freak

exhibited at the com show, however,

was a large. much branched affair.

wholly tassel-like in form except for the

fact that it bore a heavy crop of seed

like. a well-filled head of broom corn

or sorghum. It retained no indication

of having had any staminate flowers. It

was apparently a wholly pistillate inflorescence,

though tassel-like in form.