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Journal of Heredity 31 (1940), pp 129-130


Copyright 1940 R. A. Emerson


Mice and men reported from

Edinburgh after the Congress


September 1939) but since then there

has been silence, as far as getting into the

record any details of the Congress. On

account of the disruption to trans-Atlantic

travel caused by the declaration of

war between England and Germany,

September 3, the American delegation to

the Congress was considerably delayed

in getting back. Only two failed ultimately

to return, Dr. and Mrs. F. W.

Tinney of the Division of Farm Crops

of the University of Wisconsin. They

were among about a dozen members of

the Congress who took passage on the

ill-fated Athenia. Just how they were

lost is uncertain, but there is reason to

believe they may have been on the lifeboat

which was struck by the propeller

of one of the rescue ships.