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Proceedings of the Forage and Grassland Conference, Columbia, Missouri, April 1-4, 1991


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Most sorghum x sudangrass hybrids are currently produced in Al male-sterile cytoplasm. Availability of alternative cytoplasmic sterility systems allows production of sorghum x sudangrass hybrids that may have superior forage characteristics. A study was conducted to compare the agronomic performance of Al and A3 sorghum x sudangrass hybrids. A bulk of eight sudangrass populations was used to pollinate four grain sorghum inbreds normally used as females that had been sterilized in both Al and A3 cytoplasm, and two inbreds normally used as males that had been sterilized in A3 cytoplasm. The hybrids were evaluated in 1990. Results indicate that male-sterile sorghum x sudangrass hybrids can be made using A3 cytoplasm male-sterilized inbreds from the heterotic pool of inbreds normally used as pollinators. Additionally, the high level of fertility restoration by sudangrass in A3 cytoplasm male-sterilized sorghum normally used as females indicates that sudangrass may contribute much needed A3 restorers to the sorghum industry.