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Plant Physiol. (1991) 96, 130-136


Copyright American Society of Plant Biologists. Used by permission.


Vegetative storage protein (VSP) and VSP mRNA levels in soybean (Glycine max) leaves correlated with the amount of NH4NO3 provided to nonnodulated plants. The mRNA level declined as leaves matured, but high levels of N delayed the decline. This is consistent with the proposed role for VSP in the temporary storage of N. Wounding, petiole girdling, and treatment with methyijasmonate (MeJA) increased VSP mRNA in leaves 24 hours after treatment. The magnitude of the response depended on leaf age and N availability. N deficiency essentially eliminated the response to wounding and petiole girdling. MeJA was almost as effective in N-deficient plants as in those receiving abundant N. Inhibitors of lipoxygenase, the first enzyme in the jasmonic acid biosynthetic pathway, blocked induction by wounding and petiole girdling but not by MeJA. This supports a role for endogenous leaf jasmonic acid (or MeJA) in the regulation of VSP gene expression.